Vietnam Wooden Boats

Dedicated to preserving the maritime history of Vietnam with an emphasis on the art, craft, lore, and history of traditional Vietnamese wooden boat building. 

Our near-term goal is to document the building of as many traditional and unique Vietnamese boats as possible before the master craftsmen who build them are gone.

We invite you to submit pictures of traditional Vietnamese wooden boats to display on this website. Ideally, your pictures should be identified by the year and the city/town/village where they were taken. We will credit each photo submitted.

We welcome photos from any era. This is a work in progress and we have a number of pictures yet to put on the site. You may E-mail photos or contact us at Vietnam Wooden Boats for a physical mailing address. We will mail back your photos, if you wish, after we have scanned them for the website.

(E-mailing or mailing the photos to us constitutes your permission to place them on the website.)

Email: Vietnam Wooden Boats