Sewn Plank Hull Pictures, Quang Tri early 1960's

The sewn plank boat as built in the central area of Vietnam was unique boat construction in the world, the only similar boat was built in England in the 11th century. The uniqueness of this boat suggests that it be built once again and preserved.

The sewn plank boat was built in a limited area of Vietnam between Hue and Quang Tri in Central Vietnam. They operated mostly in inland waters, were not sturdy enough to withstand engine vibrations, and required extensive maintenance.  

These boats principally fished and carried people and cargo (sand, gravel, wood, bulk items) or served as floating homes. 

The sewn plank boat ranged in length (LOA) from 7-14 meters with beams varying from 1-2 meters. They would have a draft of about .5 meter. They would typically carry one lugsail. 

It is estimated this boat has not been built since sometime in the 1970ís.  It would be a shame not to preserve one or more of these boats for viewing by the public.




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